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I worked for schwans for 7 months. When I started my pay was fixed at 123.00 per day, until I sold 5,000 per week for 5 weeks.

Then my pay would go to 147.00 per plus 1% commission. In Feb. of this year they changed the pay system to better steal money from the employee's and give more to the family that owns the company. Under the new system you get 50.00 to show up for work.

Plus 50.00 for the day if you meet the requirements for the day. IE service all customers on that route day, be at each customer during their time window, and be at each customer when you log an action for that customer. If you miss any one of these metrics you loose the 50.00 for that day. Then you get a commission of between 1% and 9% depending on your sales for that day.

But you must sell at least 1,000.00 in a day to make 2.5%. So I had a route that only did 600.00 to 700.00 a day. I went from making 123.00 a day to making only 106.00 or 107.00 per day. If any driver missed his metrics for the day the 50.00 that was lost that day goes back to the family.

You do the math. With 17000 drivers running a route each day, if 10% or 1,700 drives miss their metrics.

That is 1,700 X 50.00 or 85,000 for that day that the family gets to keep and they cheat their employee's out of this money.

Must me nice to be able to cheat you employee's and get rich each day.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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if you think Schwans is a great system Chris you dont have much work experience. The company sucks big time. they are on their way out.


I worked for Schwans for over 4 years. I was just let go due to some corp numbers that I didn't hit.

Not the companies fault. Sure the company has some faults but so dose every billion $ company. There are not many sales jobs that pay a base salery AND commission. If you talk to any REAL SALES people, they think its a great system.

I'm sorry that you have to work to make you money.

Go take an hourly pay job and you get the same for doing your job or just being lazy. Just remember this when you post something about your next job not paying you more per hour.


Enjoy your money now buttlickers, Schwans will be history in the near future.


hey cjniles, yeah id say you are happy. but you will be out of the job in six months cause the rest of us are quitting.


Schwans sets its business up that you HAVE to buy from the truck. And, they charge you 1.75 for the privledge.

Even if you went to their depot directly you would still pay their service charge. The best thing to do is not buy from this pathetic company.

And, do not work for them. Crooked outfit!


Surcharges are a part of delivery for many products. I suppose you don't pay for trash removal or fuel delivery?

Look at the invoices, there are far more delivery charges out there than you realize. If I and others were able to spend less time chasing people to catch them home and more time selling at our scheduled stops, there would be no need for a surcharge and we would be finished with our work a whole lot earlier in the day.

If the prices are too high for you or the surcharge causes a moral dilemna simply cancel service. If you are interested in the convenience, consistant quality and the service, enjoy.


Hey POV sure! with the economy in the tank, people getting laid off or cut back and your sales are growing!

Schwans just increased the delivery fee to 1.75 from 1 dollar and your customers dont mind? And they dont mind paying outrageous Schwans prices? You should get a real job!

You know, one with paid holidays, sick days and with a real wage. Schwans is a joke for suckers


No one is being docked because satellites don't track an area, perhaps your husband wasn't telling the whole truth.

Indeed there are some who will make less with the new pay structure, especially those who did not prepare for the changes. I started with 10 route days that generated $400 each.

Within 4 months, I was averaging $1100 each. Within 1 year, $1500 each. Same days, same area, lots of new customers.

No one built those days but me. Get off your lazy rear end and do the job you are paid to do.


Dont work for comes thanksgiving and you will be the turkey if you work for schwans to many hrs. to many bucket times and not enough pay ,oh and to get that day off make up another day.......

gee's you work 14 to 16 hrs a day but dont think your getting a free day off because you never well.. your just a lonley wife if you husbund works for schawns !kids dont have them there will be know husbund or wife home tooo raise them...


Hey niles you are probably one of the lucky ones with a cherry picked route and sucking on the LGM nuts. I bet the other route drivers love u!!!!!!!!


He is not to far off!!! My husband got docked several times by his incompetent boss because dchwans satellites don't track in the area he was assigned! This company is absurd!!!!!!


7 months is a short time my friend and your not being truthful about the 50 dollars, you only have to be 85% TIME WINDOWS and 90% location. Pretty sad you have to actually go to a customers house when they want you to get paid, dah!!!

I'm an $1800 dollar a day rsr, and didn't get there in 7 months, I like the new pay because it actually compensates those who are dedicated, I am getting a 14k raise under the new system because I take care of MY business. This job just isn't 4 you brother, no biggy, do something you enjoy then!

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