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I work for schwans now i have been here a number of years with my pay being lowered every year from the start,I work 7 days a week,with no holiday or Sunday pay. I find it funny how I hustle and am barely getting by while my dsm gets countless bonuses for 10s of thousands of dollars on my hard work, while my pay is cut.The good reviews on this site have to be from management, because everybody in my depot is unhappy,All the reps have part time jobs, because of the pay reductions that we continuously get.

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Not management here! If u work for Schwans, search 370171.

My employee number. I swear, I make 63 to 65k each year. And I only work Monday thru Thursday! Been there almost 15 yrs!

Bunch of cry babies. Man up!


I worked in NY depot for 12 years. and quit without regret in 2013.

I Was a mh3 when I left. My fat *** tsl. or whatever you call it now I hated and the food was garbage. They hire anyone and the pay sucked.

When we did work which was only an hour or two a day we would slam the *** into the trucks and then sit on our ***'s for 5 or so hours. I could tell you guys some good stories but I wont. I have no ill feelings toward this *** company but I Warn anyone who would consider leaving any job for this *** company. I had a good time sitting around doing absolutely nothing for years though and the fat man who ran the show down there was pretty good to let us get away with whatever we wanted.

Heard its changing now though.

I want to throw some thanks out to the company for many things that you should never know about. See ya losers.


Sorry to hear about your situation although I am not surprised. I agree with you.

The good reviews must be coming from management and also from people that do not have families. I see more and more schwan's employees coming forward with their complaints not to mention customers in my location griping about schwan's prices going up while the quality of their food is going down. The good news is since my last post, all my friends that worked for schwan's are finally gone!! They've found other jobs and are much happier now.

All these people can't be wrong.

Working for Schwan's Sucks! End of story.

to Geo524 #988433

Glad we're on the same page and you are absolutely right. All these people can"t be wrong.

Same situation here.

All my friends have since moved on and are much happier now. :) I like happy endings.

Auxvasse, Missouri, United States #885695

I worked for this crappy company before. It isn't worth it.

The last manager I had was a lying piece of ***.

Product isn't worth buying even at 20% off for employees. Where do they get these clowns that think they know how to manage a company?


I have been away from schwans years now, and as I reflect I am so glad to be gone! paid vacation, paid sick days, paid holidays!

I cant imagine how anyone could be happy working for that crooked pathetic company. When I see an unfortunate stooge in a schwans truck I feel sorry for him.


I am happy to report I've been gone from Schwan's a year now. It's so nice to have a normal job with normal hours and great benefits (and for a lot less money) than I was paying with Schwan's, paid Holidays off, sick time, no weekends, etc...

I have lots of time to enjoy with my family. When I was driving for Schwan's I barely had any time at all and what little time I did have I was to tired to enjoy it.

Schwan's has always been greedy but it is getting worse according to some friends still working for Schwan's. They're all looking for other jobs but jobs are scarce so unfortunately they're stuck there and they really hate it.

One of my co-workers did manage to find another job and is a much happier person now. Schwan's has always treated their employees like *** and yeah...they keep finding ways to cut employees salaries so they can put the money elsewhere and keep the company in business. That will only last so long. Schwan's is going down slow but sure.

In the time I've been at my current job I can't count the number of people that have canceled delivery and bad-mouthed them. The usual stuff. I've been through several driver's, I never know when my food will be delivered, driver's never show up, prices are to high and the quality of their food has gone down immensely... One of the many things about schwan's I've always hated is how they pay their employees straight time for working Holidays.

That's just not right. I suppose the employees that can put up with the BS, work long hours and give up QT with their families and loved ones are making a decent enough living but they are sacrificing a lot for that paycheck. I remember one of the veteran's at my depot saying, I turned around one day and my son was a teenager. I missed the years he was growing up.

If I could do it all over again I wouldn't be with Schwan's today. Those words stayed with me.

Fargo, North Dakota, United States #676118

I work at Schwan's as an MH, and while I agree with some of what you are all saying, there are still a lot of positives with the company. I started out at $11hr and in three months was bumped up to $12 for getting DOT certified.

I work graveyard 10-4 so its less than full-time but it is still a nice pay check. Plus Schwan's offers part-time employee's benefits and that is very rare. I only work late Sunday night through thursday/friday AM meaning I ALWAYS get Friday, Saturday, and Most of Sunday off.....always a nice benefit. I have been offered a position as a builder which pays $575 a week M-F 8am to 5pm, I am still considering the position.

I know they run the drivers 12-14hrs a day but with the guys who are really trying hard, you can see the payout, all of them have very nice trucks, motorcycles, and can afford to go on vacations.

Its not for everyone, and if a guy hates his job and his been there for 7 years its his own *** fault for not leaving long ago lol.


I worked for Schwan's as both a driver and MH. Schwan's is a horrible company to work for and they are getting more and more greedy by the day.

Not to worry though because I hear they will soon be no more. I can't count how many customers canceled their service during my 12 month employ with them not to mention all the depots that have closed. Just be careful of what you say about Schwan's around here or else the do-gooders and vets will flame you. They obviously haven't googled "I hate schwan's"!

100's and 100's of pages come up with the same complaints as we have but we're the minority here. Lol.


I slaved for Schwans for almost 7 years. They say they are family oriented but that is just a bunch of ***.

You could work 24/7 for them and they still would want more. Their greed knows no bounds.

They cut out our bonuses, cut out our Christmas gifts, and never have any paid holidays. If you took a day off for a holiday, they would make you work an extra day to make it up.Work for this company at your own risk AND stupidity!


Alfred Schwan isn't rolling in his grave, he was nothing more than a swindler himself.


my husband works for Schwans and it is going to be the reason we get a divorce. He leave home every morning before 7 am.and doesn't not get home until 10-10:30 pm.

He is so tired that all he does is sleep on the weekend. This company doesn't pay well and works their employees like slaves.

I am begging me to quit every day. I hate SCHWANS!


I don't know where you people are working but I work 12 hours a day on a 9 day system 5 days one week and 4 the next and I am making decent money. You get what you put into it, I have seen many a driver sitting at gas stations or reading books you might be on the clock but that is not working.

if you are so unhappy leave and let someone who appreciates a decent job have your spot.

Or better yet look at what you can controll and make the most of your route and you will soon make better money. My route only does half of the top guy in the country and I make more now than running restaurants...


I worked 2 years for out asap....glad I did


@man up: If it took you 11 years of working 6 to 7 days a week to now go to a normal work week making 70K, you got screwed. Commissioned sales after 11 years should be making 250K. With benefits and vacation.


Schwan's is truly the woerst company a person could work for. They could care less about their employees all th care about is the money they take in.

Money is everything to Schwan's. My manager, Byron, was no manager. He is a manager want to be. I was a manager for 11 years where I used to work and know a lot more to being a manager than he does.

I wanted to be the *** out of him more times than I can imagine. He's a real ***.


Schwans sucked as an employer under Al Schwan and sucked under his brother Marvin as well. The company has always been crooked and corrupt.

The best advice is to NOT WORK THERE and DO NOT BUY FROM THEM as well. Then this crooked despot company will go out of business.


My husband got a part-time job offer and two offers for full-time employment this week. He just turned in his time at Schwan's after working there two months.

That's equal to about four months anywhere else. He will make a little more money and work only 8-hour days, closer to home, management position. I did the homework this time and found nothing negative about his new employer.

I agree a hundred percent with all the negative comments above. The kids and I are looking forward to seeing him every day.


man up, what area of the country are you in, i am near the top of all sales people in the country according to their website and i am barely going to make 48k,with the pay getting lower and lower and hours longer and longer i have made a new resume and am on my way out the door, what a waste of 9 years!!


I'm not sure where the managers comment comes in for making good money or not working as hard as the route drivers because my husband worked there as an lgm for 15+ years and brought home about 13$/hour if you figured it by the rediculous hours they made him put in. The boss's are ungrateful people and they don't care how much the employees or their families suffer.

The company will not be in business much longer they can't keep people at the company the way they work them they are dropping like flies.

God will take care of this company for the way they treat people. Alfred Schwan is rolling in his grave because of what they have done to his company.

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