This company is just plain put. Slave drivers.

If they were union they would be treated way different. They are a revolving door for employees. It's a ten dollar an hour job. They pay no overtime.

No Idea how they get away with this. The food is overpriced. Whom ever runs this company has no idea what they are doing. Managers come and go, employees come and go and so do the customers.

If anyone at headquarters had any brains they would turn this company around and treat people right. Good luck to their staff but they come and go so what does that tell you.

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Hey Josh, if you do so well selling overpriced food to gullible people one wonders how you would do selling quality products to ther general public.

one thing i always noticed at schwans is how people would greatly exagerate their income.

no paid holidays, no sick days, company on the ropes.

a quality person wouldnt waste their time working for the scam artists


I work for schwans as route rep and make 35 plus an hour stop whining and work harder. They are good company if your motivated if not they dont pay *** so if you want a 10 dollar an hour job go to mcdonalds and flip burgers


Hey 20 Years you should have got an education and got a real job! 20 years with a scam like Schwans?

good grief! Most would be embarrassed to admit that. When they close down what you gonna do? Their a crooked, dishonest company.

No paid holidays, sick days. One of the worst companies to work for.


My family has never grown tired of the roof I put over their head and the food I have put on the table. My wife and I have five kids and she is able to stay home while I work four 14 hr days.

My income has increased 25% with the new pay program...my family LOVES that. Despite starting a family way too young and not being able to go to college, Schwans has afforded us the opportunity to make professional level money without student loans.

Schwans is extremely difficult at first with the long hours and constant rejection but that is what sales is. If you didn't succeed at Schwans you shouldn't trash them on the way out for trying to give you the same opportunity it has give thousands like myself.


Jeremy u r such a *** if it wasn't 4 the guys running the routes the higher up ppl wouldn't make a *** dime u loser :(


try now its 16 hrs no pay %just beat your head in to a wall if you work for schawns ..THIS COMPANY SUCKS


Why don't you go join the rest of those little, whiny, Wall Street Protesters then? $10/hr is a good wage in this economy.

What do you expect for a job that requires such a crappy skill???

Schwans goal is to make money for the people that are higher up and run the company, not for Jack Six Pack to raise a family. Get over yourself and realize that you aren't worth that $10/hr and go out and better yourself.


Agree...metrics pay for 70-80 stops a day with 10-15 buying customers is insane. when some senior reps have only 40 stops with 25 bc..

the big kicker is the company will set time windows with 20-30 stops in 2 hours and then expect you to build new customers as well.

bottom line if customers do not buy you can get the time matrix in and collect 50.00 dollars for time window and 50.00 for days pay...any sales under 900 = 1% commission

top pay for 900 sales a day about 109...many routes with senior rsr still only do 900-1100 a day with slight % increase.....bottom line if you like 13-14 hours a day for 6-8 dollars an hour more power to you...

Some senior reps are not better at sales believe me...the routes are not in the ghetto/hood with all ebt...nothing in life is easy..but schwans should have some level playing field

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