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first off 3 months trying to get contact make contact after countless amounts of calls finally get through and an old rapist stalker i had somehow was able to use my phone number on his account and they refuse to remove it well news for everyone the store sells everything they do only cheeper all i wanted was some bright start minis thank god for red barron cheaper and always available at local store. shwanns u suck ***.

i wouldnt send my dogs *** to buy off you ever again pissed doesnt quite cover the angre im experiancing right now. without permission from my rapist he cannot be removed so let me c i guess i should just go looking for trouble and kidnapping again to gett some frozen food that lets be honest tastes ;like frozeen food.

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Whoa Nelly... subject change...

What is the plan to recover the costs of crazy propane prices (if available) and getting rid of all those nasty trans fats. Oh Nooooo.

Im smellin another pay cut. :(


lol this lady has issues


Schwans owns Red Baron and whole lot of other frozen food companies.

Merryville, Louisiana, United States #711165

Wow violated person. Ever heard of punctuation?


That has to be the dumbest sounding rambling ever.

Edison, Ohio, United States #708270

Yep its made by Schwans lol lol lol :p


Flip that Red Baron over and notice you are eating Schwan's food. LOL :grin

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