I complained to Schwans about the driver speeding in our neighborhood. My husbands truck broke down and we couldn't get it over to the side.

We had our hazard lights on and my oldest son was under the truck trying to get it repaired enough to move it. The driver was speeding up to it drove on the passengers side and on sidewalk. He almost ran over my son's legs. I have the license plate number and a picture of the area he drove through.

I called three times to get info to the correct person in charge. The first person said I had to set up an account in order to follow through. Then I was disconnected. The second I sadly had to hang up on because we needed to hurry and proceed with the broken truck.

Finally spoke with a nice gentleman who put me in touch with a women to file the complaint. I have asked for a call back to make sure the situation was addressed. I will see what Monday brings. Folks please watch out that others do not get hurt because of careless drivers.

We were very lucky that God caught this one for us.

I will notify on the outcome.

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The OP should've called LAW ENFORCEMENT first. Passing a vehicle on the right and onto a sidewalk may be a vehicle code infraction worthy of a ticket in some states but when people are present and there is possibility of immediate injury or death due to such errant driving, it becomes a penal code infraction.

In other words, a crime-class C or class B misdemeanor (felony if anyone was hit with reckless abandon and especially so if left the scene). This should've been reported to law enforcement. Show the cops your photos. Good proof for them to go on.

Get a case report and number. Take THAT to FaceBook AND Schwan's management. Even if you don't, law enforcement WILL visit them.

Trust me, that WILL get Schwan's attention.


Schwans Manager, why are you on here blogging? Don't you have a district or area manager to go suck off?


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Hey schwans manager grow up and quit being a ***. thats why this company sucks working for *** like you.


Hey ***! look we are out to make money and get as much as we can.

That's why we drive our employees.

Yeah I got your complaint but how immature to post this. we really dont need your business.


Schwans does not care, they will sweep it under the carpet and move on....trust me, i have seen worse and shake my head in disbelief......

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