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I made my first online order and took advantage of the 30% off promotion...when the driver delivered my order he called to verify my EBT card and was told that it wasn't accepted...I called the EBT office and they verified that I had plenty of money in my account to cover the cost of my order...he tried three times and got the same answer...I had to give him back the goods...and I lost my chance at the 30% discount

Product or Service Mentioned: Schwans Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: allow me to place another different order and be able to use the 30% discount.

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I've worked my whole life I sure wish I could afford to eat Schwan's food and have it delivered to my door also I think the system is screwed up


Lol and I work 6 days for from sun up to sundown for the last 15 years with and you have that extra benefits or tommorrow

to ZACK #1429718

Don't even respond shoes or diasabled or no car no gas I've been there done that my family comes first less just I sacrifice everything to provide for my kids and wife so... grow up accepted your position and go with it


If my card doesnt swipe will they allow you to punch the numbers in on the keypad


I don't know what this person is talking about when they say they were not able to use their EBT card for payment. I have been a customer Schwan's for about 5 years now and I have never had a problem using my EBT card so I would almost bet you that you have a restriction on your card that makes you unable to buy goods from Schwans.

Maybe you made a mistake earlier in life with you're EBT and maybe didn't obeid 100% by the rules.

IDK for sure but that would be my 1st guess. Do you remember drivers name and/or what he looked like.

to Tony #1421620

I also am unable to use my debit card but my husband's can be used!


Wow serious judgment here. I was on EBT as a single working mother (full time) I paid taxes and daycare and housing etc.

if it wasn’t for the little extra help I received while my ex wasn’t paying what he should have been, who knows what would have happened.

So wrong to judge other people. Smh


Schwans can only access the food portion of your ebt. If your card had cash loaded to it, the system doesn't allow us to access that.


I think its disgusting you can use food stamps like this. I pay over 40% of my earned income in taxes because I am supporting disgusting people like you.

to Anonymous #1100696

Seems to me the only disgusting thing is your judgement on this person you don't even know. EBT purchases through Schwans are allowed...

This person did nothing wrong. For the record I also pay taxes but over 40%?

Sounds to me like you are including other deductions.

to Anonymous #1354212

People are disgusting because they are low income and qualify for benefits? I'm sure they pay taxes too. And where the heck do u get 40 percent from?

to Anonymous #1388772

Wow just wow. I'm a single divorced mother who is disabled.

Who are you to judge anyone.

I can't drive due to my disability so my kids can have a treat if I have extra food stamps. Walk in some one else's shoes before you judge.

to Anonymous #1395871

Your problem

to Anonymous #1433682

You are a jerk. Know someone's life before you judge. Now go sit down somewhere hater.

to Anonymous #1400230

Shoot 40%? So why blame the minoritiy?

Majority of our taxes go to our military so they can "fight" for our freedom so we can ignorebwhats really going on around us, *** n moan at each ignore other on the world wide web of lies about petty, meaningless matters.

But hey, rock on with your 40% bro. You the man

to Anonymous #1407512

So damn want so does the rest of use. What type of a88hole complain about a hungery person eating???

Selfish little ***. Its people like you that has this country screwed up

to Anonymous #1412898

you're the only disgusting one i see. people getting help deserve good, healthy food too. I dont mind that my taxes go towards that.

to annon #1503529

Problem is that a large percentage of SNAP recipients do not use food benefits to buy food; they sell them at a 50% discount for cash to buy drug of their choice, usually heroin or ***

to Anonymous #1427330

I agree. People act like it’s free money and they get more back in taxes then they pay in. Welfare Queens.

to Anonymous #1497420

Yea and I worked for 5 years 6-7 days a week 40 hours then Honeywell bought my company and closed my department with 24 hour notice

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