The man who complained about his 22 year old boss hit the nail right on the head. This company has a turnover of about 3 months max and this leads to very poor service. Four times in a row they dropped my order.

What they need is to spend a few weeks in their freezers with their frozen overpriced, pre freezer froze trash. Beware and do not rely on this firm.

They will lie to you and let you hang out to dry with no recourse. The state of California should regulate these bums better. Use Safeway they deliver for a fee, and have better and fresher products.

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I've been trying to find out where the meat comes from here in the states or china, can't get an answer

to shirleen savage #1515275

I’ve looked everywhere to find out where Schwan’s meats come from. Nothing!

If they’re so proud of their products they should be ecstatic to tell their consumers where, how and under what conditions their meat is raised and who supplies the meat. At the prices they charge they should be more than willing to be transparent about the who, what and where’s of their meat.


Thanks for the information =)


Don't let the Schwan employee fool you with that flash frozen straight to the door ***. When they defrost the trucks, that product sits out on the dock sometimes for 15 or 20 minutes before they put it in the big freezer, most of the warehouse guys for this company are bo-bo's because Schwans pays them *** so they don't care and how do you think trucks get loaded. Product gets put on mobile metal racks and wheeled out to the trucks, sitting outside for 15 to 30 minutes, that means that product is defrosting and then re-frozen...Liars, and it's mostly managers coming on these sites to sing the praises for Schwans, cause we all know how they got to be managers.....lol


schwans, they wont tell you were ther stuff comes from..had to be a schwans brown noser telling how great there stuff is, they dont care about anything... THEY dont do any thing for there employee if your not management..they work them from 8 to 11 and dont pay sh-- always want you to work more and mangemet takes lots of time off.....some one really neededs to ck them out maybe we should get Jessie Jones king five news..


As long as you dont know the meaning of "unit price", you will love them. if you can do arithmetic, youll have a heart attack at what your paying for your "individually packaged, convenient portion, meats. def a service for those who cant or want get to a store, but you will pay through the nose.


take my word for it , this is one company that you do not want to work for , no sick days , no paid holidays , when you figure that math out and the ridiculous hours they expect you to work , you make 8 or 9 dollars an hour , not to mention no home life , don't believe the smoke and mirrors , they could care less about their employees !!!!!


Been a member of Schwans since 2003. There was a day when the prices were reasonable and the food was great.

Was glad to use the service... but that was a long time ago.

Just came here from the site where I found inflated prices for the only meat I could identify: 85% hamburger. All the other meat is mystery cuts they refuse to identify for outrageous prices. No more NY Strip.

No more Sirloin. No more Tenderloin. No more T-Bones to be seen. Mystery meat for inflated prices.

Yah, I would love to compare the meats from Schwans with the cuts from the butcher. Problem is Schwans doesnt identify the cuts any longer.

Its mystery meat. Kind of speaks for itself.


It sounds to me like you are venting. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with our company.

I will however put any product on the truck against the products in Safeway. Even the products that are sold in the stores from our own company. I don't see how you can say things are fresher in the stores. Do me a favor.

Go watch the meat department for a day there. You will find that the "butchers" do not slaughter cattle there. They cut meat that has been defrosted from a frozen slab. Watch the meat that they set out.

They do not sell out every day. The remaining meat goes back in to the cooler. The constant temperature changes of the meat takes away from the freshness. Its not how long it has been there, because meat is good when it is aged.

Those same temperature changes happen throughout the store. the freezer aisles are self defrosting units. That means that the temperatues have to go above freezing in order to have them defrost. The product is not removed for this.

Quality is lost. At Schwan's, we pick quality ingredients, prepare our foods, and flash freeze them to -20 degrees. They are kept at a sub zero temperature until they reach your door.

That retains the quality of the product, and it is the reason that I will put Schwan's up against Safeway anyday. I am sorry about the lack of service, but that does not take away from the quality of the ingredients, or our food.


I enjoy Schwan's food, not as a diet staple, but when we need a quick fix. I've always found the quality to be great, especially the ice creams and entrees.

I shop Costco, Safeway and Trader Joes and throwing in a little Schwans now and then works beautifully. Good food, Great delivery guy, nice catalog.


you suck safeway buys schwans left over garbage so people like you cant afford schwans food on your pay. remember you can use your food stamp card ***.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48686

You forgot to add this letter.


so and so

A Safeway Employee

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