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I currently work for Schwan's. I was enthusiastic and cared about my customers in the beginning but you get jerked around by management and have to work insane amounts of hours.

Now I just don't give a *** about the customers because I feel so tired and over worked that all I have energy for is to do as little as possible to get threw the 14 hour plus day. Schwan's gives employees little to no incentive to do a good job and like it. My plan right now is to get fired on purpose somehow or quit without notice. I have no respect for this company.

The next time someone from the customer service call center calls me with a mad customer on the other line, I'm going to ream them a new you know what along with the flipping customer. This company is a joke.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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here is how I got fired the new system one Depot manager over to depose my Depot manager got demoted we did not get along he claimed he saw me on my cell phone while driving she did not call my boss which is his boss instead he called corporate which is a death sentence I appeal my unemployment deny I want I got a letter last week from unemployment Schwanz is appealing my appeal I'm sure that's not what this company was built on and you you


I have been schwans man in two different decades I'm going to tell all the route drivers right now home service will be done by the middle of next year or the end of next year we've had four different CEOs in the last seven years that I've been back this last one marcuzzo is implementing drastic and quick changes to make sure the home service department oceans will be gone there are too many elements this company can't change and the stockholders are up his *** so bad to keep his job he has to keep going to retail take my advice start looking

Rio Rico, Arizona, United States #963117

Yeah I know about the long hours! Got a *** route that I have to build into a great route so I can make a little less than minimum wage not including overtime!

Got to make your time windows (that they try and make sure you don't make) to get dinged on your daily pay (wow 100.00 for 12 hour minimum) Matrix --Bullshix!

Company and supervisors are ***! Supes are a waste of time!


Mr. Current Employee of Schwans.

Your story is a load of sh##... I have an idea who u R and I as well work at Schwans.

I know 4 a fact u DONT work 14+ hours a day. Maybe u wouldnt get customer compliants if u would see all ur customers instead of just not servicing them...


Hey I feel for ya. I quit without any notice when I got the call I had a new job.

I got of being ripped off by the company.

Too many hours *** benefits. I would rather be in prison than work for those crooks.

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