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I made my very first Schwans order ever, doing it online, and got a delivery date of Nov 16th. When nobody came I called in.

Here they pushed my delivery to the following Saturday, the normal route day, withouth notifying me. I am not happy and told the company as much. I cancelled my order and requested NO one stop by....I kinda hope someone does. ;-)

I just feel if we are going to pay more than we do at the grocery store, we should get better customer service than normal.

I am never home Saturday and my house is locked up tight-it might have been weeks before my delivery. Were they ever planning on telling me?

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Syracuse, New York, United States #606257

To any of you who seem to have this problem, I apologize. I have worked for Schwan's for almost four years and have to agree there are some issues with the online ordering.

My suggestion, if the order doesn't come between the time window stated, call the company right away so they have time to contact the driver to get your order there.

Sometimes there are issues with equipment that lead to some of these problems. Sorry.


Well, that's what happened. I put in an order to be delivered Tuesday (as the website told me to do) and it didn't come.

THe next morning I called in and was told it had switched to his normal delivery/route day and I was never notified.

So I sat home all day waiting for him and he never came that Tuesday and he never came. I wouldn't ever want a Saturday delivery, I'm rarely home Saturdays that time of the year.

Syracuse, New York, United States #606250

Just to be clear, when you called to say nobody showed up, whomever you spoke with did not take care of the situation? I agree completely with your expectations.

You seem reasonable enough. How the driver didn't have your order for that day doesn't sound right though.


It's not impatient if they ask you to request a delivery date and time and you enter it, then wait all day to make sure you get the delivery because, at the time, I wanted to talk to the delivery man and meet him knowing I would probably need to order more in the future. HE called me a week later to apologize, the order was moved to Saturday without him ever knowing and it pissed him off too.

I don't blame him, but I still won't work with the company.

You pay extra to not have those worries. I'm a service business owner, I would be ashamed to do that to a potential customer.


Oh and by the way don't believe everything you read on the internet. People lie.

to Schwanman1414 #1367746

I'm not a Schwan driver, but a customer of 35 years and it has got worse in the last 10 years. The food and the delivery service.




Amazing how impatience seems to be the American dream these days. Schwan's can be very accommodating.

If Saturday was not a good day, believe me, another day and time would have been agreed to. Are goal as sales associates is to get the product to your door.

Communication seems to be a problem in this situation. Regular customers know all to well that they can count on us.

to Schwanman1414 #1005928

Look at how smug the Schwanman is on here. IF you don't want to show up on time, there are other people who are happy to take your job who will deliver on time. You have a bad attitude and leaving that kind of review online Schwan driver hurts the company and yourself.


If you don't look at things like sodium and preservatives then Schwans is ok, don't let the drivers lie to you, they're being pushed to make the buck and i know from working there that the managers teach each driver to lie,lie,lie.


most of it is good

to food #1367747

You're a new customer to say that.


can someone please review the food itself from schwans...i want to order it but havent seen any reviews on the food...can anyone help?

to annaleese #1005932

Schwan's food is good but, the drivers have a nasty attitude.

#218968 is employee site. dont buy from schwans.

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