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This company lies to and about their employees, makes promises of bonuses, pay, etc, that they try to back track on. They worked my husband to the point that he was ill, then made up false allegations against him to support their basis for firing him.

It seems like the only employees they want to keep are the lying, stealing, cheating, lazy ones. If you want to work for a good company...GO ELSEWHERE!! Schwan's will work 6-7 days a week without overtime pay-because you are your own employee-even though they will fire you if your numbers drop. How can you fire someone who doesn't work for you???

You might or might not get the bonuses you are promised, if they can keep from paying them to you, they will!! If they fire you...they will word your dismissal letter to keep you from drawing unemployment. It is a cutthroat job...they lie on each other to get people fired and take their jobs.

Think you don't support this company, you are wrong!!

They own Edwards Pies, Mrs. Smith's pies, Tony's Pizza Red Baron Pizza, Freschetta Pizza, Larry's potatoes and Asian Sensations, as well. Do you buy those products?? They put on the stores little badges and go into the grocery stores and stock the shelves with their product.

Don't believe me?? Look on the back of the boxes of the above product.

Oh and the delivery charge that the company charges you for "gas." Most of the trucks run on propane, not gas....just another way to stick it to the hard working consumers. We are boycotting ALL their products, you can support them if you want to, we will not!!!!!!

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just retired from Schwan's obviously you are disgruntled and are only telling this story to justify your failures. It is a good company to work for and you are full of crap.


Have worked for Schwans for 28 years as far as wages sky's the limit if your not lazy get out and work hard at it 10 hrs per day 4 days a week isn't out of line . Wages 50 to 80000.00 not impossible a year not 8.00 an hour like some say get a base plus commission schwan products sell themselves its quality

Flint, Michigan, United States #1233051

This is wrong on alot of levels. You are correct about products in stores but wrong about job.

We work 5 days M-F weekends off. And also holidays off with pay.

Langley, British Columbia, Canada #1230893

They are a vile unprofessional company. If you're working for them you need to get out.

And if you're a consumer don't support them. The founders Marv and AL were both unethical crooks.


Boycotting the company sends a message. As far as the RSR? Find another job with a reputable company!


For one, propane IS gas...it's natural gas. Using "gas" as a term for "fuel" is common slang.

And as gas prices are ridiculously high, and drivers drive average 200 miles a day, is it out of line to b have a delivery fee? Especially as over delivery companies charge upwards of $10??? Boycotting the products does absolutely NOTHING to hurt the company.

It only hurts the hard working RSR that feeds his family off of a commission pay check. I also do not agree with many of the policies and actions, but you appear to be nothing more than a disgruntled spouse or former employee.


I am trying to get a copy of the employee handbook for research purposes. If anyone can assist me I would be so appreciative.

Thank you so much



updated on this company as I work for them now scbna removed all bonuses laughable profit sharing super high ins deductibles no overtime 6 days a week regular income cut commissions cut. all time profit highs former nestle exec killing work force super high turnover finally paying some holiday pay but youll work most of them not a family company anymore don't buy from them


Far from the truth and Schwans is a great company. We support the product line and have loved the product since I was a kid.

Worked for the company 26+ years and will retire with them. Thanks Schwan's


Oh dont claim people can't sell. Given the enormous turnover rate (some depots have turnover rates of 150%) it's clear there are other problems.

Heck, on the Schwans trucks there are permanent NOW HIRING signs. Good money with Schwans is around 8 per hour. 70 hr plus work weeks. And as far as "good benefits" there are no paid holidays and sick days.

Two weeks vacation after one year but you have to work 70 hr plus per week vs 40hrs.


Blah blah blah. I am so tired of all the negative talk about schwans and how it is never the fault of the employee.

Not everyone can sell. We try to give everyone a chance and train them. If they can't sell and dont know what work is then schwans isn't for them. I have heard it all.

I had a friend who worked at schwans and he got me a job there 2 1/2 years ago. I made lots of money and moved up and now im the manager. My friend had no work ethic went home early and complained alot so they let him go. Like I said I am now a manager.

I tell every possible candidate that applies what the hours are and as them if they are self motivated. Oh and the hours are when the customers are home. 10 am to 9pm. No weekends just 5 days a week and a base pay of 115-155 depending where you live.

The company has great benifits and discounts on the food. The prices have not changed in 5 years unlike the grocery stores. Some trucks run on diesel and some on propane. It all costs money.

And the trucks need maintenance. That is why the delivery fee. So I could keep going but if it wasn't for schwans hundreds of thousands of people would be without jobs. Factory workers sales reps managers delivery drivers semi drivers I.T.

people call centers. The list goes on. Marvin Schwan started this business back in march of 1952 and it is still going strong. Oh yeah and it is an American based business right out of Marshall Minnesota.

So if you ever worked for the company and didn't actually make an effort well I'm sorry you didn't because it is the best company to work for if you actually have a great work ethic. Thanks to everyone who supports your local schwans rep.

to schwans is the best Yonkers, New York, United States #1229785

Well sir if you really are a manager you are uninformed about numerous things I am a long time rsr and have made chairmans club several times. In the last year I have taken close to $15, 000 in pay cuts.

Also our prices change with every new catalog I don't know where you got 5 years from but if you dig up a catalog from five years ago you will see quite a difference. Finally holidays are a joke you have to work the weekend before or after to be off. You may be drinking the Kool-aid of the group in charge of this company right now but they have ran off 25 percent of our customers and a lot of great employee's.

I loved my job and the people but now i'm heading out the door, Marvin Schwans would roll over in his grave if he saw what these people are doing to his company. Schwans Manhattan ks.


If you have worked for Schwans for years as you say, you have missed out on much better opportunities. Schwans is a job that you definitely dont get out of what you put into it. It's a substandard company.

to Trogan #1492398

Amen. 19 years in a plant.


Bourbonnais, Illinois, United States #792527

i've worked for schwans for years and this is the biggest crock of *** i've heard. at schwans you get what you work for just like any other sales job.

what this sounds like is someone who cries at the drop of a hat and can't handle physical work. im so sick and tired of people putting down this job. theres one person like this at my depot cries over everything and refuses to work more than 9hrs a day. car salesmen work more than that in a day.

if you can't handle the work find a new job. you are all a bunch of Winnie cry babies!

to Anonymous #1369501

I have recently found out about there variable rate overtime it's like your working overtime pretty much for free


Just wanted to know if anybody heard about walmart going to home delivery in the spring of 2014

to jm #938362

U want to talk about Wal-Mart well let's discuss that one... A multi billion dollar corporation that pays their employees minimum wage while they make billions and can afford to pay every employee at least 15 an hour...

At least with Schwan's you have the opportunity to make more than any Wal-Mart employee can make in their lifetime working there!!!

U say all the bad things about Schwan's but when u get hired on ur told straight up how long the hours are and what numbers u need to make everyday. Unless u are lazy and don't do it job there is no reason not to make those!!!

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #745652

Why did you quit selling 422 creamed chip beef? This is a great product which you sold all summer and now when it is cold people want this stuff you stop selling it dumb dumb dumb!!!


Ihave worked for schwans for several years and iam a professional driver trainer and I have lots of stars. I train drivers not to carry to the door.

Screw corperate they don't know what their doing. And if you only have three items or less on your truck don't try to sell them.Only try to sell product if you have a case or more.And every time a new employee rides with me they quit the next day Iwonder why.

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