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My parents are elderly and living in Bethlehem, PA. Schwaans is not delivering to them anymore, for reasons unknown.

They now have to call in their order and have it shipped to them by UPS. That would cost as much as an order, which they cannot afford to do. Why is this? I would like to be able to give them a reason.

My mother always had a big order, and now has none! Their address is 1565 Bayberry Lane in the Lehigh Valley.

We live live in Fort Lupton, Colorado which is about 40miles from the Denver metro area, and we still get delivery. Why not in the Lehigh Valley?

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WHYYYY did you just broadcast you ELDERLY parents address to the whole world wide web... Smh some people & common sense is non existent.


Depots have had to close down due to economy..within the last 4 months or so I would say about 50,maybe even more, depots have closed down.


If the depot did shut down, it was really nice that Corporate didn't inform their so-called valued customers as they would say. Depots are closing down left and right because Schwans is a very poorly managed company and the bullying techniques that they have been teaching their CSM's is catching up to them. I would start looking to alternatives,Schwans longevity is not good.


Have your parents contact schwans thru the web site if possible.they have both email & live chat options.they should be able to get a definitive answer there though it could take a day or may be they just fell through the cracks because of route changes,driver change or a depot miscue.that happened to me twice...driver then depot management change.both times I was able to resolve it only thru the web site....calling local did nothing.I now order online to ensure my order for a thru& is delivered.


It sounds as if the depot that serviced your parents was shut down. This happened recently in Florence, SC and Greenville, SC.

This was largely due to the fact that these depots were not making a sufficient profit or were losing money. While it is unfortunate that depots close, it is a business NOT a non-profit organization.

If any of your parent's neighbors were also Schwan's customers, maybe they can do 1 huge order to defray the shipping cost. Just a suggestion.

to Current Schwans Man #911184

Customers come first Schwan's should let there customers know when a depot is shut down we don't want excuses we want customer service and Schwan's is the worst when it comes to the customer and they treat there employees like a number they don't treat there employees or customer

With respect how sad that this company going down fast !!!

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