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I know Schwans is a very good company. I do not have a complaint about the food or the driver that comes to the door.

All food I buy from the store has an expiration date on it, so I will know when it is going bad. As of right now I have a freezer full of Schwans food and I have no idea what is out dated. I am afraid to give any of the food away for the fear of it being bad. You have a multibillion dollar company with 17,000 or more employees.

WHY are you NOT putting the expiration date on each item so every customer can read it. I gave my daughter and son-in-law some meat and he got sick because it was not good. Your customers have the right to know what the exp.

date is on every item, without having to call with a code number and have someone there to telling them.

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It's the law! I can't imagine why some food companies wouldn't put the expiration date on their products, especially when some loyal customers stock their freezers.

Maybe we loyal customers should not buy so much at a time or not at all. That might send a message to corporate leaders. Customers as a whole can make a difference if we shout loud enough.

Because we have the responsibility to our families, guests and to ourselves to know if the food were eating is safe. Even if some companies think their saving by not putting expiration dates on their products.


August 2018, delivery had massive ice crystal chunks and beef was tan colored. I looked for expiry date on the other products, nothing.

I emailed about expiry date, no reply. I order every 2 weeks & end up tossing ice crystal food. That's alot of wasted money. See if got can find an expiry date on your Schwan's frozen peas.

Next check every grocery peas sold at stores if they have a date.

Customers need to stand up! I'm now very cautious about their items.


I am in the same boat. So frustrating. This is why I quit buying from there anymore.


My comment is. Schwans offers great coupons for first timers.

Yet what about those of us that return? 10% off? Really. And then these coupons aren't always offered.

Tell me why I should reorder again? I am a preferred customer, yet you give the big discounts to New Customers.

50%, 30%, 25% off? I must not be that good a customer.

Bedford, Indiana, United States #1313795

I ordered cod "caught in Alaskan waters". Sounded good until I received the package...processed in China, WTH?

I didn't eat it and they did offer to take it back. So, I do not order any seafood products from them.

to Anonymous #1486417

Schwans has documented working on US boats with workers from China cutting and packaging fish in international waters. It has to be labeled that way due to international law and governances.

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, United States #1274774

I refuse to contact them to learn the "secret code"! There is no reason not to have a "best if used by" date on their packages.

I was a customer since 2001 until last year when the delivery charge was put in place.

I, too, have a freezer full of Schwans products, which I will probably end up throwing in the garbage. Shame on you, Schwans!!

to Anonymous Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1283539

Seriously? So in all that time how many times did you get sick?

Likely 0 because you neglected to mention that in your rant. The fact is Schwans prices are higher then let's say Walmart but you get what you pay for. Shame on you for this idiotic post. The process is simple so I'll lay it down for you.

In the time you spent babbling on the answer is on thier web page. There is no key, but if you look in the Product Identification Code box on each package you'll note there is a number stamped in there. Look at digits 3-6 to figure out when the product was produced. Digit 3 will be the last number of the year it was made and Digits 4-6 are the Julian date of the year where product was made.

Here is an example that I hope helps. 6042 would be a production date in 2016 on the 42nd day. This would decipher to February 11, 2016.

This process is the same for every Home Service item. I hope I helped you out with your concerns.

to Anonymous Blacksburg, Virginia, United States #1307684

Thank you!!

to Anonymous #1527262

That makes no sense

to Sharon vorse #1527596

Agree Sharon!! I checked my bags and there are 8 numbers on 4 bags, yet 5 digits on another.

New Berlin, Wisconsin, United States #1217272

The manufacture date does not tell you the "best by" or expiration date of the product. Shame on them.

to Anonymous Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1283542

Apparently this information isn't common knowledge. So here is a link that has pictures to ease the learning curve. https://www.foodsafety.gov/keep/charts/storagetimes.html

New Berlin, Wisconsin, United States #1217270

I agree 100%. You can't even figure out how to determine the best by date by going to their FAQ page at their website. I like the food and route driver, but do not feel comfortable or confident in this aspect of their business model.

Herrin, Illinois, United States #1178094

I received this information from Schwan's just last month and it worked for everything I checked.

"Our product identification codes are read as follows:

Digits 1 and 2 = The plant in which the product was produced

Digit 3 = The last number of the year it was produced

Digit 4, 5 and 6 = The Julian date, for the day it was produced Digit 7, 8, 9 and 10 = The plant specifics such as shift, line number, etc. Example date code: 2B52951302 2B = Plant 5 = Year, 2015 295 = 295th Day of the Year, Oct 22 1302 = Shift/line number"


Concerned daughter in law. Number doesn't work, product code is useless.


Their Shrimp is from ASIA ... as if we didn't have an excellent shellfish industry here in the USA?

When I think of Asia, I think if filthy rivers, parasites, and dirty plant processing. God only knows what goes into their beef and chicken or where it's processed.

What about the salmon and tilapia? And now I see there's no expiration dates on their products!


their meat is individually wrapped and vacuumed sealed...also the meat is irradiated for everyones safety...

Rochester, New York, United States #618762

I used to work for schwans. if you actually saw how the food is treated you would never buy it. on the trucks lots of time its taken out, allowed to thaw, then tossed back in the truck. over and over day after day.

at warehouse level its not much better. sitting out there thawing and then being tossed in.

no thanks

to tribal Germantown, Maryland, United States #630325

Your an ***

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