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I have worked for schwans for almost 30 yrs make very good money around 75000 have good routes that I have worked hard to build and keep customers satisfied with my service . I work 4 days a week usually 10 to 11 hrs per day .

New company policy up to 10 hrs a day max and people who order on line and take advantage of rewards and sales on line can save lots of money .

How many companies reward you 5% on every dollar spent have had customers using reward points getting discounts of 100.00 or more on their order. these complaints are all from 2010 7 years ago

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New RSR's start out at 37k - 39k. $120 -150 a day base(depending on depot) + 1% commision.

Commision goes up after $1200 a day average but you usually get $500 a day routes to start. At 12 hours a day that is about $12 hour. As a "trainee" be prepared to travel on a daily basis to short handed depots up to 3 hours away. You are also required to "Cold Knock" door to door to get new customers like its 1965.

This is difficult and dangerous due to most areas banning soliciting. I was in ER twice due to dog bites. You "get" holidays paid but you have to make them up on your closest day off.

The managers preach "old school" work ethic but usually go home right after the last truck leaves the depot in the morning. On the bright side my paychecks never bounced and I could save money since I was never off work to spend it.


Come on I made good money for years and maybe before reengineering a few made that kind of money but after reengineering a RSR tops out at the most 60k on a 10 day system. I mean look at glassdoor or indeed that's what Schwan's even says.

I missed all my kids school and activities. I built good routes and Schwan's paid the bills for years but got in 8am and left 9 or 10 at night. Now I talk to them and they get in at 10 and are out til 9-10pm. After I stopped drinking the kool-aid and got a normal job, I make more money working 40 hr weeks and can actually spend time with my kids.

There are a lot of companies that look for ex-schwan's workers because they work hard. It's a workers market so look somwhere else.


Oh cmon. Everyone knows Schwans is a joke.

That you would work 30 years for such a substandard company says much. No paid holidays..1 week vacation after one year slaving away 70 plus hrs a week. It's really around 7 per hr.

If you were this so called high performer you would never commit 30 yrs to such a crooked company. I really don't know why people insist on lying

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