dear schwans the new chickenwings with bbq sauce isnt as good as the old bbq chickenwings. tried the new ones and didnt like them as well. please go back to the old ones. we like other things we buy very satisfied. thank you. mrs. brzezinski, abbotsford; wis.product no.475. the coating is to tough and the sauce dosnt soak into the chicken like the older ones.everyone here likes the taste of the old sauce betteralso. please go back to the old product with the good sauce and tender chicken. my family woud sure enjoy it a lot more. thank you.

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I like the new wings way better.


Schwans has been losing money for awhile now, they tell you that items get discontinued because they aren't selling, the truth is that they can't find cheaper alternative ingredients to keep making money on it. They also give you this song and dance about all of the items that they have reduced in price, but look at the packaging size, yep, it's reduced alright, in quanity.

check the ingredients and sodium in Schwans food sometime.

What's more important, unhealthy overpriced food or your health? Is the so-called convenience worth that much??


I have worked for this company for over 6 years. No matter how bad (or good) a product is, some one will complain when it is discontinued (or kept (ie sushi)). I concur that the new wings (474/475) are not as good as their predecessors (500/517), but I have people that love the new ones as much as they loved the old ones!


they dont care about customers or there employees they only care if ur making 1600 dollars a day and over 5600 a week for only 448 dollars every two weeks and make sure no one board sides ya in the schwans truck because they"ll come back with 400 dollar bill and say you stole money and to work in the bad sections good luck only time youll make money is the first two weeks of the month and also on the side note they will run your name through there ringer if you quite


by the way, they feel the same about employees! I went from begging people to buy over priced food and working 12 hours a day to selling furniture 8 hours a day and make twice the money. Do urself a favor and quickly look for another job


this company could give a sh** what you think about the wings. they only care about the profit.they make 80cents on the dollar profit on most products but if they have to care 5 different kinds of wings, this adds weight to the truck, etc,etc.

By throwing in a couple packs of sauce in a bag of wings it pushes the profit up 300%. we were told we would lose 2 out of every 10 wings buyers but that was acceptable because of the extended profits.

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