I am a employee for the joke of a company called schwans. About 6 months ago I worked a weekend as normal and friday comes around no pay check.

Ok I understand things happen. Computer mishaps, human error what have you I understand. I also understand that my boss has petty cash in his office that's can be used for times like this not to mention the huge book of blank checks on his desk. But, what I don't understand is the b.s.

Excuses he gives me on why I will have to wait another two weeks for my pay. Ok I am real real pissed but I get over it and tell them never let it happen again. Now, friday before easter what happens??? You got it.

No pay. But, this time it is different see my dad past away on friday right. I worked thursday took off friday and saturday worked sunday(right after a 6 hour flight from burying my father) just to get told by my boss that I didn't work. I resend all the e-mails I sent telling him what is going on the whole weekend.

He then trys to blame the error on someone else who I have never heard of or delt with in the 5 years I have worked for this circus. Then says sorry about you bad luck you can either quit and get your money in two weeks or stay and get your money in two weeks oh and sorry about your dad. I ask if we could have a meeting about this. He refuses.

I ask for his bosses number. He refuses. So after letting him know my kids will be calling him on easter asking why the easter bunny did not come to our house we bid each other a good day. Be careful when buying schwans products at the grocery store.

I have been told by supervisers many times to put out expired and rotten pizzas and egg rolls.always check the letter stamped on the side of the box. A is january B is february and so on. Also, feel the product through the box. If you feel ice you item has reached over 60 degrees and has been refrozen.

So that is a gamble if you get sick or not. I just don't want to get people sick. And they finally pissed me off enuff to say something.

If you like to be treated like dirt and maybe get paid. Schwans is the job for you.

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I decided to leave schwans when the pay changed from daily to weekly commission. I had won some sales contests which included 4 days off w/pay and about four hundred in food out of the freezer.

After giving my 2 weeks and being told that I would receive what I had earned, I worked out my 2 weeks and guess what I got? *** nothing oh wait I got a paycheck that was less than min wage for the 2 week notice. At least I stopped believing all the lies that corporate had been telling me for the last 3 yrs.

Can't wait for schwans to go under.


I always marvel that people actually work for Schwans. There is much about them that they are a *** job.

if you are working for them NOW well really who's to blame that you are being ripped off?


after 20 yrs I've never missed a paycheck...expired product?????? Nobody cares for the product like Schwans...Your boss needs to be fired because he does not represent Schwans...I have gotten time off and funeral pay for every relative that has passed...you should be calling HR instead of this. my condolences on your father.


It's kinda sad that the employees of Schwans are coming onto a CONSUMER blog to *** about their company. And out of thousands of negatives about Schwans, there are only a handful of positives. Most of us know that Schwans is a bad, poorly managed company!!!


In over 6 years my pay has been messed up maybe 3 times. My boss has fixed it all 3 times.

It sounds as if your LGM is the problem. Talk to your DGM or even the RVP to get your pay issues resolved. They maybe busy, but they are never too busy to take care of their people.

That's what leaders do! Sorry to hear about your bad experiences and the passing of your father.


It is very unfortunate that this has been happening to you. I hope you have followed the chain of command and have contacted an HR representative. Especially if you believe that food could be getting people sick. Personally, I love working for this company. I work with the most wonderful team and I have a boss that cares about each of us and goes the extra mile to make us feel the least amount of stress. I'm honest to all of my customers and I take care of them and try my best to provide an amazing product. I am very sorry to hear about your father. Even though you've said some negative things about the company I love, we're still partners in the same team and I'll pray for things to get better for you. Keep your head up :)



San Antonio, Tx

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