I ordered $112 worth of food for my dad for Christmas. Schwans shorted me 3 items..I had paid for the entire order, 3 wks later I am still waiting for the driver to deliver the rest of my order.

I have called customer service 4 times and nothing no call, no food nothing. The driver has gotten his commission and doesn't give a *** now.

So needless to say I will not be buying from Schwans anymore and would not recommend anyone else buy either. This has been very frustrating and I am getting pretty fed up with the whole thing.


Monetary Loss: $50.

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Live Oak, Texas, United States #642786

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe you should focus a little better on your employees rather than trying to swindle people out of money.

The guy that showed up trying to sell me food seemed like he had been out drinking. He smelled of alcohol, was all sweaty, and very unkept. His hat was full of sweat marks and his uniform was just sloppy. A salesman?

More like a dirty, cigarette smoking, overweight alcoholic that just came from the bar.

Do you do background checks? I guess not, considering he seemed hungover and drove like an insane person.


check out www.retailreality.net to learn more about this corrupt company. Do not buyfrom Crooked Schwans and do not work for Crooked Schwans


schwans is *** and treats their employess like ***... how about reimbursing me for all the EBT voucher calls ? no longer will i use my cell phone i will go to the nearest pay phone even if its 20 miles away...



My name is Dawn and I am from Schwan's. I'd like to help get your issue resolved, but I have no way to contact you.

Could you please call me at 507-537-8988 at your earliest convenience?

We'll get this straightened out immediately. Thanks, Dawn

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