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Beware the route sales/driver who comes to your door unsolicited and tells you he will hold the check two days so he can make the sale. I believed this guy, and that very night he deposited my check and the $50 purchase I made from him has now cost me an additional $35 NSF charges and $30 bad check fee that they threatened to report to the credit bureau.

Isn't that something? I had no intention of buying anything from them, the sales guy comes to my door as I am just home from work (was he stalking me?) and when I tell him I am broke for the next couple of days, he tells me that he will hold my check. He DID NOT.

The some of the food was good, some of it was no better than the grocery store, but none of it was worth twice the market price, which is what it has cost me with the fees.

Never trust a Schwan's man, and NEVER take him at his word!

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If you don't have money in the bank -- you don't write a check!


Our Schwan's guy is great!I've been with them since 2008.

They are pretty pricey, but I am paying for convenience.My favorite thing from them is the fried rice...YUM!!

Gaylord, Michigan, United States #997433

This is an old post it is now illegal to post date checks and or hold checks for any length of time. All monies made on that day must by law be deposited on that day.


I have been a Schwans customer for over 20 years, and have never, ever had a problem other than a couple times when ordering online, having the wrong delivery date, but then, that was my fault for not dropping down the little box to select the date of delivery.

My delivery guys have ALWAYS been polite, helpful and very knowledgeable of the products. One driver, years ago while I was in Iowa, even played with my little son to keep him out of my hair while I was deciding on my order. My son always looked forward to that so much. Also, the drivers I have had work very very long hours, sometimes till after 11pm if someone wants delivery that late,,, which I do at times with my work schedule. They carry it right to my door, which is a huge convenience also. Too bad my local store can't follow me home to do that lol.

Some products are higher priced than at the store, but many are about the same price or less even. And the quality is wonderful. There have only been a couple products I haven't liked and I just don't order them again.

Thank you to all the hard working drivers out there. And to those so quick to judge, try the job yourself once... I am sure you won't judge so quickly next time... what is the old saying? Walk a mile in his moccasins? Just saying.


I know that Schwan's is having problems with their scheduling program online (NOT the drivers fault, BTW!), but why would you buy something when you knew you didn't have enough money in the bank to cover it? That just doesn't make sense.

There IS Schwan's Pay Card, that let's you buy and not have it taken out of your checking account for 14 days, but you have to apply for it, and I think you have to already be a customer.

Post dated checks are chancy at ANY time. The rule of thumb is just don't do it.

I love most of Schwan's food. And, like anywhere else, something being economical or tasting good is a matter of preference.

I use food stamps with Schwan's (most of the time). I can get 2 1/2lb bags of whole kernel corn for $4.99. I watch for their specials, in case they have something that I like. And every other month, I order something as a treat (I don't get many treats). Popcorn shrimp is my favorite. I've tried their Chicken Pot Pies (heavenly!), potato skins (fantastic!), steak bites (way too spicy for me), tater rounds (great, but I don't think they offer them anymore). I can consciously choose healthy food (LiveSmart)

to Schwan's Customer since 2009 #1071042

Learned that the hard way.11 yrs as a Schwan's customer with no issues, and it only took once time for me to not use their Schwan's pay again.

We get paid on the 1st and the 15th. If I put in the date to deposit as the 1st or the 15, then I expect that to happen. When I put in a deposit date of the 13th (early pay day), they held the funds all the way until the 21st of the month, then deposited. It threw everything off, and I wound up having to pay an insufficient funds fee by my bank and Schwan's.

Learned my lesson, will not use Schwan's Pay again. It sounds good, and if they actually kept to the schedule, it would not be so bad.

But one screw up was enough for me.I can't afford to have that kind of thing happen.

to Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1083225

That's your own fault! You knew that you were obligated to pay, just because the withdraw was prolonged a few days, you STILL knew about the payment owed and should not have spent the money allocated for your Schwan's order. I apologize but this sounds like your careless spending and accountability on your behalf.


if you dont have money dont right ck


Thank u Mr k and wife!


Ha!you got suckered by a Schwans *** Man!

They will tell you anything to get you to buy because they are under intense pressure from management to bring in new customers. They are taught to lie.

The best thin to do is NEVER buy from this crooked, pathetic company.It's overpriced garbage

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