Bennett, Colorado

For years we have had the same delivery driver and scheduled our personal lives so we could be home at the time of delivery.Now our date has been changed to we know not when and so has our driver.

There is more than one house at this location and not all have access to internet. Apparently if you can't order online they don't want your business. They are not interested in their customers and what they want, only what Corporate Marketing tells them we want. I am tired of Corporate Marketing telling me what I want.

I think I am intelligent enough to know what I want without someone telling me.00

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If Schwan's wasn't interested in their customers other than online then why do they send out igniter salesmen, RSR's to take orders at the door, and phone agents to take your orders via telephone? If anybody is incompetent... It's people like you.

Zephyrhills, Florida, United States #797843

The management is incompetent.They're raising prices, compromising on quality.

The company is on a downward spiral, no incentives for there sales reps, no working handhelds, the trucks aren't in safe operating condition.The company is going down the toilet.

to anonymous Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #830158

sounds like an RSR who couldnt cut it.

Marshall, Minnesota, United States #797237

The current Leadership is incompetent.They are trying to squeeze every penny of profit out of a dying company.

Lower pay for their route salespeople, product quality, truck maintenance, outdated hand held equipment, etc, many areas where they are not investing due to short term decisions (to achieve bonus' ) and a lack of long term planning.Going, going.......g o n e.........

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