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    • Food is very good if it arrives 4
    • Quality of the food and the variety 4
    • Veggies 4
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    • Delivery practices 9
    • Terrible customer service 8
    • Management 6
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I order every other week. If I don't want to order, I don't. No hassles. The delivery guy will come by and give me a flier and a sticker with next delivery day but I don't consider that "hassling". My delivery guy is very nice and friendly and always tells me a swift joke, we laugh, transaction done. IT IS VERY HELPFUL to download the app so that you get pertinent communication. If you don't want to receive as many emails, simply change your... Read more

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I just got some bagel dogs out of the freezer, they've been in there for a little while so I checked for the date... expiration date that is. All there is is a code date so I tried to look up the code date online and it's not available. I took a *** of the product and it didn't taste quite right so I threw everything that was in my freezer from Schwan's away because there's no way of knowing how old was when I got it! One time I hadn't... Read more

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they changed my delivery date from Monday to Fridays without notifying me. I sat around today waiting for the truck and finally called only to be told that the the drivers delivery route had been changed and he wasn't delivering to me today. So I called the company who had no explanation as to why the route was changed or why I wasn't notified. I even received an email from them with my Oct 24th delivery date confirmation!!!! The only thing... Read more

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THe local Schwann depot changed my delivery day from Monday to Friday without notifying me. I waited around on Monday for the truck and finally called the driver just to be informed they changed their routes and my delivery day was now Friday. I called the company N spoke to a representative and they were no help at all, They had no excuse as to why my day was changed. they told me that they would call the local depot for an explanation that... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 24
  • #942282

I went to the website Almost ordered) and then found a better deal. since then they've been showing up at my door and leaving tag saying I missed my order but I never ordered anything! It's getting aggravating because it's a weekly thing. I feel like I'm being harassed to buy.

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I have NEVER signed up for Schwans home delivery. I ordered ONCE from online and told the delivery man I wanted online-only. He as well as others have showed up SEVEN TIMES even though I have POINTEDLY asked them not to and after the THIRD TIME called corporate. They WILL NOT STOP invading our privacy and it is INSANE that a company is run this poorly and I will NEVER be ordering again. This is only over a few months as well and it is... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 14
  • #936501

Terrible customer service. No attempt made to resolve a problem. Simply suspended my account without even the courtesy or respect of notification.

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i ordered the bone in pork roast and cooked it according to directions was very dissapointed with it ,it was dry and tough ive bought pleanty of meat from yous and have never had an issue with anything else i was very dissapointed and dont i will ever ordern it againive ordered the pork chops and never had any problems with them ive also have ordered the steaks that were very good i had no problems with the beef roast or hambugers i have been... Read more

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I now live in Deltona, FL and have yet to find the Schwans Delivery person in this area. I've been a customer for over 15 -20 years. I hate it when they stop selling an item that is always sold out when they get to the door. Most people now are mad at them for adding a delivery fee. Well folks the price of gas as well as food has risen so that doesn't bother me that much. I do not know if they still do this or not but the delivery fee is much... Read more

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We had the best Schwan's man in the world. And of course his route was changed. Our new Schwan's man, well we are lucky if he shows up before we leave the office. I think he must spend the majority of his day chatting with other customers, so he is always running late! We miss our old Schwan's guy. He was on a schedule and we knew we could rely on him. Here it is almost 5:00 p.m. and he hasn't even shown up today. So to that I say so long... Read more

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