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This is my first and last time ordering from Schwans. When I placed my order, I asked for delivery between 3&8, without asking they switched it between 2&5. I sent an email 5 days ago asking about this and no one got back to me till today, the day of my delivery, how convenient for them, now too late to switch. The first time I called to ask someone about it, the customer service person pretty much told me oh well, hope your home or your... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
  • #926205

I called to confirm my delivery tonight they confirmed and no driver ever showed. So cancled plans for nothing out of respect to be here and they were a no call..

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$3.50 delivery ? Gas is 2 $ a gallon ? U r losing sales , your driver stops n I ask , about delivery charge , i would Buy at least 30.00 every time he stops But i won't buy a nickel worth , with a 3.50 delivery charge, u don't get it , Can't management find some middle ground, i didn't ask 4 special delivery, He was in the neighborhood, n u still charge for delivery, if i spent 100 dollars U still would charge delivery fee ? Your Policy... Read more

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I get freezer bag delivery every time, usually goes off without a hitch and my stuff will be delivered within the specified timeframe. So I don't know why these guys every so often show up at my house without the gel packs to put in freezer bags expecting me to be at home to hand deliver my items. But I'm not at home. I'm almost never at home. Evidently if you aren't around they just put your *** into freezer bags, or so I've read, but that... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 21
  • #923224

I bought orange chicken meal today and am very diappointed in quantity of chicken and serving size. There is really only enough for one person. For the price I paid for this product I expected a bit more for my money. States 3 servings.

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I placed an order about 6 weeks ago. I received an e-mail saying that the order would be delivered 2 weeks later then it was scheduled so I called them. They said that I would hear from them in 24 to 48 hours. They never called me back so I called them back after 2 days. Same story - They will call you within 48 hours. They didn't contact me so I called again after 2 days. This time Schwans said that they would send a report to the local depot... Read more

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We are getting a lot of product in boxes that are crushed or very soggy, which leads me to believe they are letting there product thaw out and then refreezing it. I purchased some sundae cones and I was going to eat one right after it was delivered. The ice cream was so soft that it was borderline melting and the cones were very soggy. I caught the driver before he left and told him I wanted a new box. He wasn't very happy about it but he did... Read more

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My drivers turn over faster than a snow flake in a blizzard.. Delivery dates change without warning.. Customer Service is a joke in trying to find out what is going on.. When I first started buying from Schwan's, the driver was great and we had him for a long time.. He provided his cell phone number so that if an impromptu purchase was needed he could be contacted and if he had the time and product he would stop by to deliver it.. Some... Read more

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My most recent order of Angus Mini Cheeseburgers was not up to the standard I had come to enjoy. I finished mine but my husband did not eat all of his and I threw the remaining burgers in the garbage. What happened? They have been delicious and we could count on them for years but not any more. I hope you can go back to the prior flavor if I order them again. If. Why would you insist on at least 100 words. I have said all I need to say in... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 09
  • #915920

I live in cologne, driver and day got changed. ..was changed to Friday's between now 9:40pm and still no driver!!!! If this is gonna be the new way,then I'm done with schwans!

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