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  • Customers like
    • Quality of the food and the variety 6
    • Veggies 3
    • Working for schwans 3
  • Customers don't like
    • Terrible customer service 12
    • Delivery practices 11
    • Customer service or delivery 9

I am extremely disappointed that my two favorite products are no longer available, raspberry lemonade and fajita chicken meat. Absolutely dissatisfied and will not be ordering anything again. Read more

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The Delivery Charge more than doubled while the price of fuel has been plummeting. Over the last 5 years Schwan's Home Service has changed the pay scale of the RSR's 4 times, each time resulting in a reduction of pay. Over the last 5 years Schwan's home service has changed the bonus structure for the Depot managers, making it more difficult to obtain and drasticly reducing the amount of the bonus. Over the last two years Schwan's Home Service has terminated the positions of some of the very best District Sales Leaders, Territory Sales Leaders... Read more

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The first time I ordered I was asked to pick a delivery date no sooner than a week away. I did, waited a week. Early on the day of the scheduled delivery I got an e-mail telling me it was re-scheduled by them until the next week. Ok-new customer I assumed was the problem. I put in my 2nd order and picked my delivery date a week away-today. At the last minute of the scheduled delivery it was changed AGAIN BY THEM until next week. A customer service representative asked me "DO you know how many people complain about the bad delivery?" I... Read more

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  • Schwans
  • Apr 25
  • #836169

My schwans driver sucks and very rude he intrudes right in my house when the door is shut like he owns it! and gives no discounts! Whe had a driver before if u spend 100 or over he throws in some food for free but this driver needs to go! Add comment

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  • Schwans
  • Apr 20
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Orderes werer over 100dollars .driver came no order did not get rewards ...will not order again for a while if this is how they run a bussines. Add comment

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  • Schwans
  • Apr 17
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Worst company deliveries and it's a rip-off they treat their employees terrible and they always goes through the new drivers never buy from them they never keep the products that you like and they raised their prices too high they should be banned from selling 2 door to door everyone should keep in mind it is not the driver's fault but the company itself so I say boycott this company forever Add comment

I've been a Schwan's customer since 2001 however in the past week my opinion about this company has changed drastically. I placed a. large order in Dec 2015 - one week later I purchased several other items and the delivery guy said he'd left one or two items off the 1st order - and created another "ticket" to make up the difference. I called Schwan's when I noticed three charges on my bank account but didn't get a return call. A week later the same driver stated I should could contact him for questions because "You can't get anything out of... Read more

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I have been a customer of Schwans for years. The first thing that really ticked me off is the delivery charge. They deliver to my office where there are 4-5 orders when they come and we all get charged a delivery charge which totals more than a gallon of gas costs. (as if you can go to the Schwans store and pick something up) Their whole schtick is food delivery! Then they started charging extra if you don't order online. Also if they mess up your order and give you the wrong product or just forget something you ordered you have to wait 2... Read more

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  • Mar 29
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Why do I pay a delivery fee when the driver comes to town to sell the product anyway? Add comment

I think the delivery charge is a bit steep. I had a truck stop at my work on a day that he/she was not suppose to come and I ordered what they didn't have the day before on the truck. It was the multi-grain bread that was priced at $5.99. Add the delivery charge and it was $9.98! Wow! I understand that it is being delivered right to your door, but I feel that $1.50 or at the most $2.00 is sufficient. I may not buy again for that price. Read more

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