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  • Customers like
    • Quality of the food and the variety 4
    • Food is really good 4
    • Veggies 3
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    • Delivery practices 9
    • Terrible customer service 8
    • Management 6
  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
  • #906117

I missed my Schwans man and followed him until he stopped later and waited for him to exit his truck as I was Right beside it! He never even looked at me and walked across the road in front of me as if I wasn't there! Not Happy

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 21
  • #904643

I loved the delivery guy I had, this ones ok, but i find I'm not ordering as often or as much. His name was John, delivery area, on top of the world, ocala fl. Maybe the standards are a bit to high fof driver's.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 15
  • #901205

Are your products sold in stores in California/Los Angeles?

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It's pretty terrible to send a confirmation email confirming one date and time and then changing the date and time after delivery time had already passed, without a call, text or email. They offered points, but wanted to deliver food on a date I wasn't going to be home and then wanted me to let the driver drop it off. Frozen food dropped off on my front porch? In August? No thank you. This was supposed to be a time saver and ended up... Read more

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Do the drivers only get paid commissions based on sales? Our driver is so huffy if you don't purchase anything it's like he's a child throwing a temper tantrum. He comes into town like he owns the place! If we don't want to order, that's our prerogative. Have called the company several times to complain about his whining along with several others in the community. Granted we are a small rural farming community, but if the driver would treat us... Read more

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The last driver we had would drive around our house with out stopping even when we were out side and we had service in the past. One time he drove past our place 3 times while we were our side and we only have one neighbor. Our present driver does not come to the door he sits out side our house without getting out of his vehicle. I have never had him come to the door. He was there long enough to come to my door and ask if I needed or wanted... Read more

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I hate this supplier with a passion. Apparently I have an account on their site. I NEVER set one up. They send me daily email, which I never requested. They will not fix the problem. I'm sick of it. How does one get their website blacklisted? Repeating to fulfil minimum word count: I hate this supplier with a passion. Apparently I have an account on their site. I NEVER set one up. They send me daily email, which I never requested. They will... Read more

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I am house bound so I depend on Schwan's since restaurant food deliveries is non-existent in my area. I really do enjoy having "fresh" food vs canned or packaged. The food is great and so is the delivery. The problem is when I am having trouble with my orders online. I can expect 50% of the time where the customer rep. will not work with me or leave me on hold for an excessive amount of time. I'm guessing they hope I give up and just hang up.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 04
  • #894982

Bought chicken pot pies and the first out if the box had a very sharp bone in it. I bit down and broke off a tooth. Not happy at the moment!!!

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Schwan must be a terrible company for which to work, since they can not keep good help and are ALWAYS short staffed. They can not be relied upon to meet their delivery dates--even when they come to my area only once per month. I have always placed a high dollar order ($250+/-) but I guess my money is not good enough for them to meet their obligation to deliver my orders as promised. I like most of the products they sell better than equivalent... Read more

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