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  • Customers like
    • Quality of the food and the variety 4
    • Food is very good if it arrives 3
    • Veggies 3
  • Customers don't like
    • Terrible customer service 8
    • Delivery practices 8
    • Management 6
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I have been a customer for 6+ years with no problems. In 2015 they pushed the on-line ordering by doubling the delivery fee for "at the door" orders. Fine, I can understand the advantages of pre-ordering. The problem is that their system apparently doesn't work very well. In the last 6 months I have not received my order on the scheduled delivery date on multiple occasions. I call customer service who tells me that someone will be in touch to... Read more

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I have the same problem has another person further down. I like their food and want to give them my money. I made an order, waited the three-hour window--plus an extra two hours just in case--and the Schawn's man never showed up. This a total waste of time for me and incredibly rude to their shoppers. At the very least, the local manager could have called and told me there would be no delivery. He must have a list of deliveries for the day,... Read more

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Requested that the driver not come to our house unless we order online. Saw that the driver was "having a bad day" as our Ring Doorbell recorded him and his comments since we weren't home again (we hadn't ordered anything and we don't buy right off the truck due to the new surcharge policy). Customer service said they couldn't honor that request since the account is in my wife's name and a supervisor got nasty with me on the phone. There is... Read more

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Schwans began charging a very high delivery fee without warning and then (I believe when customers stopped buying) they dropped it to the regular fee with a few qualifiers. That is one issue. Then, the route guys were evidently were not making much money due to the high delivery fee causing loss of sales, that we lost our long-time route guy and got a new person. Not too big of a deal, but then we arbitrarily keep getting our delivery dates... Read more

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I worked full time night shift as a truck loader and order puller along with truck maintence for 1 month at 40hrs a week then reporting to my second job at 40 hours a week, after 1 month of recieving no pay i went again to talk to my manager of the building, he said its coming so stop asking, for the 10th day in a row, the very next day i arrived for work went to clock in and my card wasnt on the board to clock in in his office. I asked him... Read more

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I used to love Schwan's, for the first 5 or so months I used them. I had a reliable deliver driver who was always there when he said he would be. He retired, so I got someone new. Ever since he left (this was years ago by the way), I can't get Schwan's drivers to come on any kind of schedule or even show up for more than the first couple delivery dates. I order large quantities of food, and believe they had to have been making money off of me,... Read more

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for the second time in just the past few months there was no order delivery in Eureka, SD...a lot of people, including myself, had family coming to celebrated the 4th of July and they had no food to feed them...I was told that the manager in Aberdeen, SD had quit, the regular driver took time off and they had no other driver to deliver the food that people had ordered...are the powers that be aware of this problem ?and do they care?...there are... Read more

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I love everything ive tried! Order 3 times in 4 weeks. Our delivery guy, Norm is the best!

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i was very dissatisfied with schwans service, i had ordered several items using a credit card. i waited around on the delivery date yet there was no delivery. when i called the customer service person told me the delivery had been made. later that day i went outside and found the items i ordered laying in my yard, covered in ants and all melted. i will not be ordering anything from these people again. im sure the driver just threw the food in... Read more

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I sent Schwan's an email asking them for the expiration date of some pork loin chops given to me as a gift. I provided the number from the box and number from the package. At first, I called them and talked to customer service and asked the same question. The customer service rep told me I would have to call back in the morning. I did and got the same answer, call back.. This tells me the products are old or they don't know how old they are.... Read more

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